Here are links to various Boolean resources available from the Foundation or more widely on the Internet.

Boole’s first (1847) publication on his Logic: “The Mathematical Analysis of Logic” is available at:

The Calculus of Logic” (1848).  Probably the most effective distribution of his initial ideas -in the internationally circulated journal which published most of his research.  Available at:

Modern cover of Boole's "Laws Of Thought"1

1854 his reworking, once settled in Ireland was his key ‘legacy text’: “An Investigation of The Laws of Thought“; available here:


1936 Alan Turing writes his “Universal Machine” paper which (as part of a larger argument) outlines the fundamentals of future computers.

1938 Claude Shannon’s Masters Thesis connects GB’s Logic with electronic calculation and lays the foundation of digitality.


PotSDHillisW. Daniel Hillis, “The Pattern On The Stone”  New York; Basic Books, 1998.
This is a good book for a general readership.  It promotes Boole’s ideas as at the core of computer design and function.  It’s easily available in online bookshops.


MacHales's 1985 Biog



Desmond MacHale’s biography of George Boole is currently the best work on his life. “George Boole, His Life and Workrepublished 2014.



ScreenshotThe “Boolean Lincoln Tour” Android App here on Google Play

Here is a selection of free Android Apps related to Boole, they are not endorsed or supported by The Foundation (reviews will appear eventually). If anyone has others they’d like us to list, contact us.
Boolitaire a game for those whose logic and thumbs are up to it: here
Simple Boolean Calculator gives truth tables for all gates: here
Truth Tables app for those who might find it useful: here
Morgana Boolean Calculator to simplify Boolean Logic strings: here
Logic calculator an alternative to Morgana: here
Logic Shrinker competes with the other Quine-McClusky based apps: here





GB teddy on Youtube:

University of Lincoln student video 2005 

University College Cork, where GB became Professor of Maths pays tribute:

Animated GB on Search Engine control via Boolean Operators

David Williams produces relevant videos on Youtube:

LBE Books have over a hundred relevant short videos (no. 1 is basic Boolean gates) 

Direct link to LBE’s lesson 001:

If you would like to suggest resources available publicly, contact us.

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