Digital Arts Festival 23/10/15 – 1/11/15

Frequency, Lincoln’s digital arts festival might be expected to have a Boolean flavour on the bicentenary of it’s most influential son, especially as his influence is most keenly felt in the digital aspects of his legacy.  The main festival focus is Magna Carta, but there may be an undercurrent of GB in some events.  One such event is the English… Read more »

Steampunk Festival 29/08/15 – 31/08/15

Steampunk rightly celebrates Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace as heroes of the ‘Steampunk Age’ who might have ushered in powered machine computation had electricity and semiconductors not taken over.  It’s ironic that the biggest celebration of Steampunk in Europe happens in Lincoln every August Bank Holiday, yet George Boole isn’t currently acknowledged as a Victorian deserving of ‘hero’ status in the… Read more »

University Hosts Boole Exhibition Starts 13/07/15

The University of Lincoln hosts an exhibition created by University College Cork.  It gives a brief overview of George Boole’s life, including some coverage of his first 34 years in Lincoln.  The exhibition is open to the public and is sited on the ground floor of the University Library until September 11th, when it will be transferred to the Cathedral…. Read more »