Boolean Logic

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Boolean Logic Statement; the "Disjunctive Normal Form

There are many good online sources for the subject of Boolean Logic, most are clearly serving the needs of Computer Science students and related disciplines.  This book, which draws upon the content of Wikipedia (in this case a good source) is broader and puts GB’s logic in wider mathematical and philosophical context.

Wikiversity is a Wikipedia open learning project which also deals with basic Boolean logic for general maths students.  The link below is to a piece on logical language analysis, which is a small section of a page on Boolean Logic within their Primary Maths course.

There are many videos on Boolean Logic as applied to computing and a selection can be found on our computing pages.


Above is a video on Boolean Logic as applied to searching databases and to a certain extent using search engines such as Google or Bing.


The Foundation will post its own account of basic Boolean Logic later in the year.

Other accounts of Boolean Logic, together with lesson plans for school teachers can be found in our resources page.


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